Best #SOCKTOBER ever! Even the NBA is getting involved! Kyle Korver of the Atlanta Hawks is on a mission to gather 10,000 pairs of socks! The goal is 10,000, because on any given night there are 10,000 people without a place to sleep in Atlanta. All donations he and the team collect will be given to theAtlanta Mission. Awesome!

Brad Montague, creator of Kid President, speaks at Dreamforce in San Francisco about compassion, creativity and courage.

"Treat everybody like it’s their birthday."

One of the main reasons we started SOCKTOBER was to show how easy it is to get started in helping the people around you. Maybe we can’t solve homelessness, but we can ALL be better friends to the people who live next to us. That’s the little message we wanted to shout out to the world from our little can phone. Thanks for being good friends!

Hello, my name is Brad. I make all this Kid President stuff. Thanks for supporting and spreading it! Yesterday I got to share the story of creating Kid President at Dreamforce in San Francisco. I got to talk about my favorite thing: helping kids help people. This is a slide from that talk. It’s a picture of me in the 4th grade wearing really short shorts. Yep. I got picked on a lot. (Not just for the shorts). I really felt like I wasn’t cool and didn’t matter. My 4th grade teacher believed in me. She encouraged me to dream big. She told me to keep making things. She constantly cheered me on when I needed it most. I will never forget her words. Someone is listening to you. Who can you encourage today? It might just change everything. Thanks for being part of our little joyful rebellion. We love you people! - Brad

Big new video with Grover! Share and help us make #Socktober awesome!

Big new video with Grover! Share and help us make #Socktober awesome!

Today’s famous sock: Michael Jordan! The man never gave up - even when he didn’t make the team back in school - and it’s a good thing he didn’t because otherwise we would’ve never gotten SPACE JAM (and we all love SPACE JAM). What will be your SPACE JAM?


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