We got to sing a song with our friend Kid President on his new show on @HubTV Network. Watch this Saturday 7/12 @ 7pm ET! #KidPresident

Do you want to see more shows on TV that promote empathy and social responsibility and love and general awesomeness? Do you believe kids and grown ups can change the world? Do you believe media can tell stories that inspire and encourage?  WE NEED YOU. 

Watch our Kid President special this Saturday night at 7pm/6pm central on The Hub Network. 
Your mission: 
1. Watch. (of course)
2. Spread the word on all social media. We’re using the hashtag #kidpresident
3. Host a viewing party. 
Invite everybody you know over and have a big party. Send us pictures and we’ll share them!
4. Get involved. 
We’re a little biased, but we’re proud of what we’ve been able to make. It’s been really hard getting this little show on TV, but thanks to people like you it’s happening.True success for us isn’t just that people watch our show, but they take action afterwards. If you and your family are inspired to do something after watching the show - let us know! We want to help and we want to get the Kid President community involved in helping too!
 It’s very important you tune in, spread the word and take action. This is your time. This is my time. This is our time. Let’s do this.

It’s time for THE NEIGHBORHOODIES! We wanna celebrate people who are making their communities more awesome. Who do you know that deserves one? Nominate someone today! We’ll be celebrating people all day long this Saturday in honor of the very big, very special new episode of our show in which KP hosts an award show from the tiny Oval Office. 

Send in your nominees to: We’d love specific reasons why they deserve special recognition from team KP.

Be sure to tune in this Saturday at 7pm/6pm central to the show on the Hub Network. It’s a good one! Special guests include NBA star Jeremy Lin, astronaut Commander Ron Garan and a special song from A Great Big World!

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Doodling kid president quotes in my boredom at work

People who grew up with Reading Rainbow pitched in over 5 million dollars for the chance to have a new generation experience it. The success of Reading Rainbow’s Kickstarter campaign is amazing and it should be a reminder to all of us: 

When you do something for a kid - it sticks with them.

Anything you do for a kid -  be it a television show, a trip to the park or a simple encouraging word - becomes part of who they are. They remember it for years to come. They may not immediately thank you. They might seem too distracted to notice. They may disregard it, but years from now, they will have not forgotten. 

I grew up with Reading Rainbow and the memories of how much I loved it have all come flooding back. In the days since Levar Burton and team launched their campaign I’m reminded of all the shows that helped shape me. I’m also reminded of all the grown-ups throughout my childhood who took the time to let me know I mattered. I want to be that sort of person.

Do something today that will positively impact a child for good. It will stick with them.

- Brad

(the dude who makes the Kid President videos)

THANK YOU to everyone who is spreading the word about our happy little TV show! We are blown away by the response. Don’t get the HUB Network? No worries! WATCH FULL EPISODES ONLINE RIGHT NOW!