Let’s all go “cat-caroling”! 


Paulo Coelho and Kid President : World Humanitarian Day

keep going. keep going. keep going.

keep going. keep going. keep going.

Never forget. 

What will be your Space Jam?

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Carrie Brownstein reminds kids where their mouths are.

Carrie was AMAZING to work with on our show. She was so kind and absolutely up for whatever. She is a genuine fan of Kid President and seemed honored to be part of it. That was crazy to us because we were honored to be with her. She gave some great advice too: 

"The secret to being cool, Kid President, is to not worry about being cool."

Brilliant. Thanks for being so cool, Carrie.


My favorite KP designs. I had these test prints made about six months ago. Unfortunately, they weren’t chosen for the initial e-store opening. Bummer, dude.