You’re gonna need a pep talk sometimes. That’s okay. For now, remember this: You’re awake. You’re awesome. Live like it.

Here’s a photo of us filming ‘Kid President’s Letter To A Person On Their First Day Here’ in Miles’ room (while he was sleeping elsewhere). 

Kid President started out of a desire as a family to spend more time together & make something joyful that points people toward things that matter. Never did we imagine millions of people would see this stuff. 

Thank you for proving to us that love really is louder.

You people just keep making amazing things! Thank you. Check out this iPhone and iPad wallpaper ‏inspired by our newest video. Thanks for making this Zach Wilkinson!

"You’re awake. You’re awesome. Live like it." Download it here ——-> 

New video:

Life is hard sometimes. Here’s a little advice on how to be a person.

New KP video! We need your help!

Hello! My name is Brad. Tomorrow we are releasing a brand new video and I want to tell you a bit about it.


I don’t personally know all of you, but I do know a few wonderful things about you:

1. You can read (or you have hired someone to read for you).

2. You’ve found this little writey thing I’m writing right now, because you’ve seen at least one Kid President video.

We need your help. We’ve found fans of Kid President to be some of the most thoughtful, caring, wonderful people. Daily we’re inspired by your emails and ideas and love. We feel strongly about the message of this new video and hope you’ll help us in sharing it with the world.

This week marks the 1 year anniversary of our video ‘The Pep Talk’.  When we made that video a tree had just fallen on my house, I was exhausted from being a new dad and part of me thought it might be one of the last videos the team at Soulpancake ever let us make. So we put a lot of love into it, made it a personal little manifesto of awesome and released it out into the world. We never imagined over 31 million people would see it.

Still, a year later, we’re scratching our heads.

This all started because Robby and I love to laugh and make goofy stuff together. As his older brother (in law) I’ve always felt this responsibility to teach him what it means to be a good man and to live a life that makes the world better. Kid President is very much the product of that. Each episode is essentially my attempt to instill wisdom, compassion and creativity into him and then him explaining to the world in his own sweet, silly little voice.

Now, I’m a dad and Robby is an uncle. It’s been incredible to watch. He so wants to be the best uncle ever and I love that, because he will certainly influence and help shape who my son will become. I see Robby feeling the same responsibility for his nephew I’ve felt towards him to point him towards the things in life that matter.

Our new video is very personal. It is a video Robby and I worked on for several months. We started by just casually talking about what kind of things he thinks Miles (my son, his nephew) needs to know and it grew from there. The script is something directly from both of our hearts to a kid we love deeply, yet I think it hopefully will speak to anybody.

It’s crazy what little videos can do and how far they can go. We hope you’ll watch our new video and be encouraged and inspired to love deeply and live loudly. Hope you’ll join us in sharing it with the world.

Let’s give the world more reasons to dance,

p.s. We’re dreaming up a really special live event connected to this week’s video that will happen later this year. Stay tuned!

We’re hard at work on this week’s new video. Can’t wait to share it with you! Have you seen our latest update? 


Thank you to all those who motivate and inspire me! Thank you also to @iamkidpresident for making the world a better place!! #kidpresident #quote #inspiration #motivation #support #heartbeat #dosomething #besomething #beawesome #behappy #portland #pdx #corvallis #oregon #pnw #upperleftusa

NEW VIDEO! Next week marks the 1 year anniversary of our video ‘A Pep Talk from Kid President To You’. As we get ready to celebrate we wanted to share how the Soulpancake audience have inspired and encouraged us. We all need a pep talk sometimes.

Thanks for being part of our story.


Have a one person dance party today, or grab some friends and have one! Why? Because it feels good!