How do you recover from major leg surgery? Start a band and meow the lyrics of your favorite songs. #meowcklemore


Advice from Kid President on how to treat people awesome. (From this great video:

Thanks everyone for following our adventures. More fun on the way!

Giving the Kid President a reason to keep dancing

Hello friends! Sorry. We’ve been keeping Facebook and Twitter updated, but some of you here with our awesome Tumblr community have been out of the loop! Here’s what’s up:

An update: Robby had surgery on Monday and all went well! He is now walking a little bit and getting stronger every day. Thank you for all the prayers and love. We are amazed at all of your kindness and concern! 

Thank you for caring about Robby, our family and what we’re working to do with Kid President. The road to awesome isn’t always easy - but it is … awesome. Happy to be on the journey with all of you. From the bottom of our hearts: thank you.



From @jlward3 on Instagram.

Have you seen and shared our newest video? “how to change the world (a work in progress)” —- watch now!


I might show a lot of Kid President videos in class…. #kidpresident #heresacorndog