People who grew up with Reading Rainbow pitched in over 5 million dollars for the chance to have a new generation experience it. The success of Reading Rainbow’s Kickstarter campaign is amazing and it should be a reminder to all of us: 

When you do something for a kid - it sticks with them.

Anything you do for a kid -  be it a television show, a trip to the park or a simple encouraging word - becomes part of who they are. They remember it for years to come. They may not immediately thank you. They might seem too distracted to notice. They may disregard it, but years from now, they will have not forgotten. 

I grew up with Reading Rainbow and the memories of how much I loved it have all come flooding back. In the days since Levar Burton and team launched their campaign I’m reminded of all the shows that helped shape me. I’m also reminded of all the grown-ups throughout my childhood who took the time to let me know I mattered. I want to be that sort of person.

Do something today that will positively impact a child for good. It will stick with them.

- Brad

(the dude who makes the Kid President videos)

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Wow! I just got a Presidential Medal in the mail Thanks #KidPresident @IAmKidPresident @HubTVNetwork @SoulPancake Team KP

One week ago this was all just dirt. We got to team up with KaBOOM! and 200+ volunteers and see it become a playground in Nashville, TN! Today we got to cut the ribbon and help kids break it in! SUCH A PERFECT DAY!

For us it was an image of the world as it should be: an entire community pitching in to show love to kids. If every community everywhere every day pulled together to do something for kids the world would look a lot brighter for sure. Thanks to people all over who are champions for kids in a million different ways. Keep going! Keep creating things that let kids know how much you believe in them. They won’t forget it.

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