We started making videos as a family just for fun and never imagined it would lead the places it has. Thank you for helping us in our attempt to give the world lots of reasons to dance. Today we have some big news! We are happy to announce that we have written a book! Couldn’t have done it without you: http://bit.ly/BookKP


This was AWESOME.

Remember: If you want to be a worldchanger for people everywhere - be a daymaker to the people right next to you. 

Watch. Share. Go be awesome. 

NEW VIDEO! This was so much fun. CAT CAROLING with !

This here is from our new TV show airing tonight on the HUB Network at 7pm eastern. Get ready! Watch this clip right MEOW!

Sometimes you just have to meow the lyrics to a song that’s stuck in your head. Presenting: CAT FANCY!

Be sure to watch@hubtvnetwork this Saturday at 7pm eastern to see KP go CAT CAROLING with Craig Robinson! #kidpresident

Tune in to the Hub Network this Saturday 7/19 at 7pm ET to see a big, brand new episode of KID PRESIDENT: DECLARATION OF AWESOME! Featuring special guest Jamie Foxx!

In case you missed it: See last week’s episode about NEIGHBORHOODIES! It’s got lots of good stuff - http://bit.ly/1sTzaXu

In honor of tonight’s special KID PRESIDENT (see it 7pm/6pm cat on the Hub Network) we’re awarding NEIGHBORHOODIES today and all week to people making their town a little more awesome. Stay tuned and don’t miss tonight’s big episode! 

Watch it with us as we’ll be live tweeting with the tag #kidpresident 

Who would you nominate for a Neighborhoodie?

Do you want to see more shows on TV that promote empathy and social responsibility and love and general awesomeness? Do you believe kids and grown ups can change the world? Do you believe media can tell stories that inspire and encourage?  WE NEED YOU. 

Watch our Kid President special this Saturday night at 7pm/6pm central on The Hub Network. 
Your mission: 
1. Watch. (of course)
2. Spread the word on all social media. We’re using the hashtag #kidpresident
3. Host a viewing party. 
Invite everybody you know over and have a big party. Send us pictures and we’ll share them!
4. Get involved. 
We’re a little biased, but we’re proud of what we’ve been able to make. It’s been really hard getting this little show on TV, but thanks to people like you it’s happening.True success for us isn’t just that people watch our show, but they take action afterwards. If you and your family are inspired to do something after watching the show - let us know! We want to help and we want to get the Kid President community involved in helping too!
 It’s very important you tune in, spread the word and take action. This is your time. This is my time. This is our time. Let’s do this.