We started Kid President out of a hope to make the internet a more joyful place and a simple belief that every kid has a voice worth hearing. This is a family project started by Brad Montague (the guy who makes the videos) and Robby Novak (Kid President). Armed with nothing but cardboard and string - yet we’ve seen how far good can spread. 

You watched. You shared. You took our message to heart. Thank you.

Here is Kid President visiting with the President of the United States in the Oval Office:

Yesterday, while in Washington, we collaborated with the White House for some April Fool’s Day fun! The White House sent this out to the media as a special message from the President. Now the video already has close to 1 million views. Broke the internet again! Sorry.

Kid President needs your help! We’re headed to the White House and we want to take your messages with us! Upload a video response below sharing what you would do and say if you were in charge. We can’t wait for your voices to be heard! You can also email us your videos at kid@kidpresident.com.

This web show created by magic and love.